Our Mission:To engage and educate community members to implement regenerative principles and practices at the local level in Southern Oregon through replicable, solution-oriented projects.

Our Vision

We aim to assist in the just transition to regenerative life and land management practices for the sake of building community resilience. By sharing news stories, connecting people to learning opportunities, providing space to share resources and tools, and keeping an up-to-date community calendar we hope to grow a culture of cooperation and encourage collaboration on local projects.


Our Aspirations

  • The urgent priority of reducing atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations

  • Local solutions and direct action
  • Resilient, self-reliant, environmentally sustainable communities
  • Balancing the rights of people with the rights of nature
  • Acting with integrity, accountability, professionalism, and respect for each individual
  • Personal and spiritual growth through climate action

                                                           Our Partners

This work is possible thanks to the resilient community of the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon. 
Join us.